Mpumalanga province is leading the forestry industry in South Africa

Forestry is a key driver for the development of South Africa’s local economies, particularly in rural areas where the lack of employment opportunities compounds poverty

The bulk of South Africa’s forestry plantations are in Mpumalanga followed by KwaZulu-Natal Province. Mpumalanga Province is the biggest producer of forest and wood products at more than 40%
The annual value of the South African forestry industry is more than R40 billion
The forestry sector comprises logging, saw-milling, wood products, pulp, and paper as well as specialised cellulose for global markets
Pulp, paper, and specialised cellulose are the main exports, along with sawn lumber, wood chips and wattle extract.
The industry is ideal for recycling initiatives
Investment opportunities of the planned Forestry Technology Park
The forestry products sector continues to contribute about 1% to national GDP, with the Far East, Europe and the UK making up its major export markets
The export market for pulp and paper from South Africa remains strong and, buoyed by better margins, pulp production figures have been on the rise since 2007

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