Mining has played a vital role in the economy of South Africa for over 100 years

In 2018, the mining industry contributed R351 billion towards the South African GDP, representing 7.2% of GDP

Mining directly contributed R89.4 billion to fixed investment, while R3.7 billion in royalties and R12.5 billion in taxes were paid to the South African Government in 2015/2016

Mining dominates Mpumalanga’s economy, mostly coal for the Eskom power plants that are also located in the province

The province has 11 coal-fi red power stations and coal is the lifeblood of provincial economy

The mining sector accounts for a quarter of all economic activity in the province and is also the largest single sector, providing employment to 5.2% of the province’s workforce
Second largest mining industry of the 9 provinces
The major mining activity in the province is centred on the coal and lignite industry
Opportunities in the planned Mining and Metals Industrial Technology Park
Mpumalanga contributes 83% of all coal produced in South Africa, making it the world’s third-largest coal-exporting region

A significant percentage of the province’s coal is exported to countries such as China, India, South Korea, and Japan

Mpumalanga’s coal-mining industry is developing as a significant attractor of both foreign and local direct investment in the province

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