There are two primary pillars of the manufacturing sector in Mpumalanga, and these account for more than 60% of the output for this sector:

Fuel, Petroleum, and Chemical Products
Metal, Machinery, and Appliances

The fuel, petroleum and chemical products manufactured in Mpumalanga (Sasol in Secunda) are essentially synthetic fuel and its by-products, which are produced from coal in the Highveld region of the Province.

The other major components of the manufacturing sector are the Ferro-Alloy, Steel and Stainless Steel industries based in eMalahleni (Witbank) and Middelburg in the Nkangala District

Agro-processing is centred primarily in the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga and it makes a valuable contribution to the provincial economy’s manufacturing sector. Agro-processing is centred on processing the vast amounts of tropical and subtropical fruit and nuts cultivated in the Lowveld.
Mpumalanga has a diverse manufacturing sector that accounts for 13% of provincial GGP, in addition to an expanding retail sector
Most of the nation’s power stations are in Mpumalanga, and three previously mothballed power stations have recently been reopened

Opportunities in terms of the roll-out of the Mpumalanga Investment Development Plan (MIDP) and the establishment of relevant Industrial Technology Parks in Mpumalanga such as the Petro-Chemical one in Secunda

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